How to apply for Final Rebellion

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How to apply for Final Rebellion

Post  Bumbull Bee on Mon Sep 29, 2008 12:33 pm

Final Rebellion is a baby clan, BUT we are not going to recruit just anyone (Like DK did) If you cant beat me then the chances are slim.

Post Subject: (Full in Game name) Appication. Example - Bumbull Bee's Application

Tremulous name:



Favorite Weapon / Alien:

How long you have been playing Tremulous for:

Any other clans you have been in:

Other information that you would like to add:

What servers do you play on:

How often do you play:

What is your favorite pie:

Last but not least!- Your Perfered Trial Time (Date/Time)

Note: Your application has to be layed out like this or it will not be Accepted.

Once the application has been submitted you will be taken into our system of selecting -
1) Submit Application
2) Clan members will vote: +1 or -1
3) If 50% or greater you will be trialed
4) We will then vote again
5) If greater then a 50% you will be trialed for teamwork
6) We will then take our final vote

This system is to eliminate people who are bad for the clan.
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