Jackdellis Application

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Jackdellis Application

Post  jackdellis on Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:27 pm

I would like to join,

a little about me

Game(S) Call Of Duty World At War

Persona(s) Jack

Rank: 63373/Level: Prestige 1 Level 56/Score 101817

Kills: 10215

Deaths: 8849

Kill to death ratio 1.15 (Rising very quickly)

Weapon: MP40, Springield Sniper

Previous Clans: DTA (Death To All)

Why do you want to join? I would like to join because you seem a lot
more active than the clan i am currently in.

What can you bring to ? I am good with graphic, I am good at sniping
and i am improving rapidly.

Are you loyal? I would be loyal to the clan and wouldnt leave

What time do you play? I normally play in the evenings in my
time but will be available a lot

Hobbies: i am good with computers and am very good at Call Of duty world at war

Name Origin: Its Just My Name


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